McGuffin and Purpose – Real Desert Boots.

We love Melbourne brands. Love them. McGuffin and Purpose is no exception. The guys behind this fledgling brand (one of whom started the wildly successful Kickstarter for Fortis Green) have deconstructed the classic desert boot, studied it, and put it back together again with the highest quality materials and construction, and on top of that, offering it at a fantastic price for Kickstarter backers.


M+P have followed the traditional desert boot making techniques of the 1940s (when they apparently first appeared), by using leather and suede uppers, natural crepe soles, and importantly, stitched construction with a leather midsole section. This is important for a few reasons. Stitched soles offer several benefits to other types of construction: waterproof-ness (yes we know that’s not really a word), comfort, longevity, and ease of replacement. Many brands will have ‘fake’ stitching, and actually glue their soles down. It’s cheaper, and looks the same, but the quality will lose out in the long term. For a shoe that’s basically a do-everything style, from casual Fridays at work, to the pub, to the football, longevity is a necessity, and M+P haven’t skimped in that department (or any department, really).


Constructed in a very reputable factory in Portugal, known for making shoes for very large fashion houses, these shoes come in 2 styles: a beautiful Cognac Brown French Calf Leather, or a more casual (but equally lovely) Italian Natural Suede. These are a 2-eyelet Derby-style boot, with a last shape designed from scratch to be as comfortable as possible. The soles here are a traditional crepe style, made from natural Brazilian rubber. Every pair of M+P desert boots will also come with a removable cork and leather insole to provide a snugger fit, if necessary.


There’s still about 6 days to go on their Kickstarter campaign (September 22 is your last chance), from which you’ll make a HUGE saving off the retail price. The guys are going to send every backer a questionnaire to properly assess their size as soon as the project has closed, so everyone gets the right size the first time around.


Get behind this early guys, because you’re unlikely to find a deal this good again. We’ll certainly keep you updated when these shoes get delivered later this year, but we sincerely hope to see more from them McGuffin and Purpose as well! Here’s a link to their kickstarter profile, where you can still order these great desert boots:

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