OBLYK Sunglasses – Style. Quality. Accessibility.

High quality, stylish products at affordable prices. That’s the dream right?

OBLYK is the realisation of that dream. These glasses are designed in Sydney, handmade in Italy from top quality materials, and come in a huge range of colours and 2 slightly different styles. There is an overarching theme to both styles, but they suit differently shaped faces. The first range (launched last Australian summer) sold out quick smart, and their newer 2015 models are certainly a hit.

With the Australian summer coming up, now’s the time to capitalise on getting some beautiful new shades. Whether you’re headed to the beach, the polo, the races, the cricket, the tennis (God, we watch a lot of sport here), or just getting some drinks with friends at one of your favourite rooftop bars, these are perfect for you.

OBLYK Sunglasses Miro Matte Ghost and Case

With a stack of unique colours in both polished and matte options, you’ve got plenty of choice, and at these prices, you can afford to pick up a couple of pairs for the same amount of money you’d spend on other brands of a similar quality.

All pairs come in a quality leather case (also made in Italy), to keep your new shades safe when you’re not using them.



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